Superior Spider-Man #1 Review


Written by Dan Slott. Drawn by Ryan Stegman.

superior-spider-man-001-cover-resizedAt the climax of Superior #1, Octavius, having assumed the identity of Peter Parker, is about to seal his legacy with the one distinction he’ll have over Peter Parker. One finishing blow could’ve done it. Then the final page happened. I immediately laughed.

The title itself plays to our egos. Who wants to settle for being “amazing” when we can show that we’re “superior?” Otto Octavius, takes over Peter Parker’s body and responsibilities, takes on the latest incarnation of the Sinister Six (Shocker, Speed Demon, Boomerang, Living Brain, Overdrive). Superior #1 readily establishes that the new Spider-Man is an anti-hero, with Octavius “playing along” with Parker’s life.

Peter Parker was a scientist with a conscience; Octavius as Parker is scientist who’s always calculating. He access Peter’s experiences like they’re computer programs. The Sinister Six are foils for Spidey. These villains are a bit silly, but that’s not the point of Superior #1. It’s a wise decision not to show off “new” Spidey to most of New York. There’s a scene at Horizon Labs here and a date with Mary Jane there.

I liked the ending. Given that death is usually not permanent in the Marvel 616 Universe, I accepted that Octavius will now have some more baggage in his quest to be “superior.” I appreciate Dan Slott making such a ridiculous turn to bring Peter back as a ghost. This isn’t “Marvel NOW” for nothing. Will Otto & ghost Peter be the next great bromance? I don’t know, but I’m getting creepy Patrick Swayze/Demi Moore vibes about the Superior #2.

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