Star Trek: TNG/Doctor Who: Assimilation2 #4 Review


Written by Scott & David Tipton with Tony Lee. Drawn by Gordon Purcell.

sttng-dw-04-cover-variantAs always, I am going to start with my favorite covers. In this case, it is Cover B with art by Francesco Francavilla. The Doctor with Geordi, inside of a Star Fleet symbol that is overlapping a picture of a Cyberman and Borg Cube. It just looks amazing.

Jumping directly into the meat of things, you are immediately introduced to another fan nod. Guinan, Whoopi Goldberg’s character, greets the Doctor and that isn’t where the fun stops! With assimilation around the corner, who will prevail in their war against the Cy-Borg united front? I can tell you that you’ll be extremely surprised at the outcome! It’s an all-out nuts and bolts war as the Assimilation² series continues in issue 4!

[Ed. note – While there’s plenty of dialogue with Guinan and the Doctor, this issue has more. The Enterprise crew discover that Borg and Cybermen were present at the planet Cogen V, but they’ve since left. The Doctor, Amy, and Rory tag along with the Away Team. They find a mysterious object and a fallen Borg and fallen Cyberman then take them into the Enterprise for examination.

Issue #4 explores a battle at Cogen V and sets the roles that the Cybermen and Borg play in the next issue. With all the effort the creative team is doing, Assimilation² is not a wasted opportunity to enjoy two excellent sci-fi franchises. -CR]

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