Rogue Trooper #4 Anti-Review


IDW’s Rogue Trooper (2014-2014)

Why is this an anti-review? These are my thoughts about reading the fourth and final issue of Rogue Trooper. I have no memories of issues #2 and #3 and I barely remember #1. The decision to shutter the series apparently within a month of the first issue’s release. Here’s my limited perspective of how the issue goes with some mild spoilers.

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Rogue Trooper #4 closes a chapter in Rogue’s saga but doesn’t bring a big sense of finality. The blue Genetic Infantryman is on the run for most of the issue. Rogue shows some humanity and I like seeing that he’s not some bloodthirsty brute. The self-preservation moments are done by Gunnar, Helm, and Bagman. As I observed in the first issue, the action set pieces are decent and the story flows smoothly. It’s too bad there are no further opportunities for Brian Ruckley and Alberto Ponticelli’s ideas to be realized.

Rebellion can’t win them all.

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