Rise of Red Moon Comic Book on Kickstarter [PRESS RELEASE]



The Rise of Red Moon Comic Book Crowd Funding on Kickstarter

Johnstown, PA – June 30, 2013

Local artist Paul R. Michaels turns to crowd funding to leap ordinary self publishing pitfalls. Rise of the Red Moon is a collaborative effort by concept artist and director Paul Michaels, writer co-creator Nathaniel Baker, pencils and ink by Milan Andjelkovic, colors by Veronica Smith, and letters by Ray Burke.

This aspiring team gathered from across the globe have joined forces to bring to the masses a tale of a budding vigilante. A story of self awareness, journeying through a shattered mind that holds the answers to a future molded by a mad man vying for dominance in both her world and reality.

Join the crew of The Rise of Red Moon and help these budding creative types reach their goal of $1,800 in the next Thirty-four days. Neat incentives for backers, find Rise of the Red Moon on Kickstarter at http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1863760001/the-rise-of-red-moon-comic-book, spread the word and support the indies.

Paul Michaels

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