Reviews: Superman #15 & Great Pacific #3


Superman #15

Written by Scott Lobdell. Drawn by Kenneth Rocafort.

Here’s the dreaded crossover event where I must (I must!) collect all current issues of Superman Family stuff to get the full battle of H’el. H’el is fortified in the Fortress of Solitude and is plotting to bring back Krypton at the expense of Earth. Supergirl is there so that must be where the “fun” is. In Superman #15, Supes brings back the shirt-jeans-boots duds from early New 52 Action Comics and recovering Superboy Kon-El is wearing the Kryptonian armor.

superman-015-coverKal and Kon visit Lex Luthor’s custom-made and designed prison. There, Luthor and Supes are some sort of psychological mind games that I soon forgot. Lex toes the line between psycho and psycho dad to Superboy. Superman is portrayed as not quite angry but very, very concerned. He’s not pleased with Kon-El’s alliance with the Teen Titans and takes a moment to consider his relationship with Wonder Woman. The Justice League appear because H’el’s potentially destroying the solar system is just THAT BIG of a problem.

However, H’el’s not present so I’m supposed to read the new Superboy and Supergirl comics for the thrilling battle at the Fortress. Eh, I’ll pass.

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Great Pacific #3

Written by Joe Harris. Drawn by Martin Morazzo.

Great Pacific #3 coverThe third installment doesn’t go very far. Maybe too many pages are devoted to the Worthington’s homespun wisdom that we’ve already ready about. Maybe the man vs. nature themes aren’t explored enough. Maybe Chas is not a compelling enough character to do a character study.

This a case where, since it’s likely that the audience for Great Pacfic is established and there are no more new readers, this issue is basically a breather episode for splashier future events. Anyway, Chas is stranded on the Great Pacific Garbage Patch with his innovative H.E.R.O. device broken. His dreams of changing the world by turning trash to oil seems shattered. The most plot advancement comes from a feisty French femme’s entrance.

Great Pacific #3 isn’t wretched but not riveting. Anyone who’s enamored by the Texan redhead may still fully approve of Great Pacific. How many of those are left, I’m not certain.

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