Review: Star Trek: The Next Generation/Doctor Who: Assimilation² Issues 1-3

Borg & Cybermen team up


Right from the covers, I was hooked. Being both a ST:TNG and Doctor Who fan, I thought of this as a dream team come to life.

trek-who-01-cover-ribFirst and foremost, let’s rundown my favorite covers of this series! My favorite cover for issue one is the Retailer Incentive Cover B by Joe Corroney. How could I NOT love seeing the Doctor and his companions at the wheel of the Enterprise!? My second favorite cover is Cover B by David Messina. I felt myself drawn (I swear I didn’t mean to say that) to read this book. The issue three cover that blew my mind was cover A and was done by J.K. Woodward. It is simply stunning!!! It feature Kirk, Spock and the Fourth Doctor!!! AMAZING!

When I opened the book, I immediately fell in love with the art. The art, provided by J.K. Woodward, is painted and is completely wonderful. His grasp of all the characters features and mannerisms is amazing. The combination of the story and art was so fun and exciting that it made me finish these books in one sitting.

Borg & Cybermen team upEven if it had no words, I’d still want this book. But, seeing as how the series DOES have words, let’s get to the writing. Scott and David Tipton, along with Tony Lee, have created an amazing story. From the initial catalyst to the introduction of the team up, I was glued to my seat. The Cybermen and the Borg teaming up BEGS the question, “HOW will the Doctor and the crew of the Enterprise take care of this menace?!”

All you need to know is that this story is done with justice to both series’, as you can well see in every issue. The sudden “surprise guests” spots made me jump through the roof! With surprises and fan nods galore, this is one series fans of either MUST read.

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