Review: Love and Capes: What to Expect Issues 1 & 2


Written and drawn by Thomas F. Zahler.

Mark Spencer, also the superhero Crusader, and his wife Abby are expecting their first child. The first issue has Mark overcome his concerns being a new father. In the second issue, the Spencers have one of their greatest adventures: babysitting Abby’s cousin’s infant daughter. Meanwhile, Paul, a.k.a. Darkblade, and Amazonia are soon cohabiting in Paul’s mansion.

Although the pacing from page to page sometimes feels like a gag-a-day strip, no character ever becomes annoying. Capes is filled with gentle humor about the trials of learning and loving through a new phase in a relationship. Zahler uses superhero tropes for sitcom-style jokes and I managed to chuckle at some of them.

Capes manages to be adult without giving in to cynicism. While the art is unmistakably cartoony, the plotting is mature in the way it respects its characters. For example, Zahler is aware of the darker edges of Darkblade especially when Paul interrupts Mark’s babysitting session. Charlotte and her scheming ways have potential for a good storyline and I hope Zahler does something with it.

Capes’ pregnancy storyline is engaging enough that I give these first two issues three hooves out of four.

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