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Spoiler-rific discussion ahoy! It’ll take me a while to get used to coloured Red Seas art…

“Judge Dredd: Wolves” and “Judge Dredd: Black Kisses”

judge-dredd-vinsonThe ending didn’t wow me with Hershey coming up short to provide for the Cits. I’m not sure about the story possibilities in a Mega-City Two yet. Who’ll lead it? Dmitry’s dead, so he’s out. A jealous mutant from the cursed earth? Dredd is as much diplomatic as he’s belligerent. “Wolves” left behind potential ideas about immigration and Meg-Sov relations. “Wolves” isn’t hungry or feral; it’s just content.

“Black Kisses,” from writer T.C. Eglington and artist Karl Richardson, is a case where Dredd’s dumbed up a bit for little reason and max tension. There’s no indication he’s been charmed into his decision to chase the wrong suspect. Otherwise, it’s your typical Dredd bust-a-perp strip with a hotshot Scrappy-level sidekick.

Seriously! Judge Vinson needs to work on his chin.

2000-ad-1822-cover“Savage: Rise Like Lions”

It’s interesting how the ending is punctuated. Book Eight stops with a comma rather than a full stop/period or exclamation point. The final scene involves a lapse of judgment. I like the overall idea that war is Hell and not all combatants are total monsters.

What makes for a climax for Book Eight doesn’t seem to develop characters further. Maybe the affected souls will get angrier or act with more purpose in Book Nine. Hopefully that will come soon.

I enjoyed “Rise Like Lions” despite feeling that some events are being held for a future installment.

2000-ad-1823-cover“Past Imperfect: Rocket de la Revolucion”

A small tale drawn by Simon Fraser and scripted by Montynero with colours by Gary Caldwell. This story delve into acts of rebellion (no pun intended) and loyalty to family and country. Inside a alternate-future Cuba, the main character’s desperate to find fulfillment somewhere.

I liked the art better than Simon’s efforts in the recent Doctor Who comic. It looks less rushed.

“Ampney Crucis Investigates… The Entropy Tango”

The conclusion coolly dovetails Ampney’s intial investigation of the prehistoric creatures and his meeting with his possessed father. In the end, Ampney looks like a World War I soldier experiencing multiple Hells. That may be the point.

Furthermore, Ampney has changed, but everyone else changed differently. I hope I didn’t lose anyone with the last sentence.

“Future Shocks: Intestinauts Are Go!”

Written by Arthur Wyatt. Drawn by Pye Parr.

I’m convinced of the loyalty, but not the love, of the two digestive warriors I-R-101 & I-R-102. While not a fantastic voyage, it’s a pleasant short comic with a dose of comment about capitalism.


“Red Seas: Fire Across the Deep”

Commentary later.

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