[RE-POST] DC Comics' The Flash #6

Captain Cold battles the Flash

What can I say about the new DC Comics’ The Flash series that hasn’t already been said? This book is extremely consistent with keeping up it’s good name. THIS is The Flash that we have been waiting for!

The Flash has always been an exciting character. It is just recently that I have been able to understand why he has a book though. The Flash issue 6 shows Francis Manapul and Brian Beccellato doing what they do best…expanding upon a character and making it their own. It is very rare to see a duo “click” the way these two have. It is as if they have some sort of connection to the inner thoughts of their fans and bring all of their wants for this character to the book itself.

In this issue, Barry Allen returns to the city with a new girlfriend ( fellow police scientist Patty Spivac) and a new case. While following up on the case, Barry had contacted Iris and setup a meeting for the three of them at a local restaraunt on the ship Captain Jay’s. Before the meeting takes place, Barry is having to deal with the fact that the faster he runs, the more worm hole’s he creates. No need to fear while the ever-so-smart Dr. Darwin Elias is around though! He helps put Barrys’ mind at ease by constructing a newer, more improved version of the treadmill that will siphon off the Speed Force energy. Now Barry can go meet up with the girls with a clean conscience.

Little did he know, that is then things would take a turn for the worse. Captain Cold (who now has a death wish for The Flash) shows up and creates a modern-day Titanic story by taking the ship and placing it on the top of an enormous icicle to lure out The Flash. Patti is now in danger and this puts Barry into a panic. And then something AMAZING happens.

The thing I like most about this book is that it uses science that actually makes sense. Barry can’t hit Captain Cold because the cold air around him actually slows down his molecules. And Barry can’t speed up because he would risk another wormhole. Now he is forced to choose between the potential hazard he can cause his city, and watching his new girlfriend plunge to a cold death. Do yourself a favor and pick this series up from the beginning. You’ll be glad you did :)

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