[RE-POST] DC Comics’ Animal Man #6

Animal Man

Amazing. That is how this review starts out. This book caught me off-guard and pulled me in from the very first page. If you’ve been reading Animal Man since it’s inception in the new DC Universe, then you already know that Buddy Baker is not an average superhero. While he does have the powers and the costume, Buddy Baker also has a sense of family and self worth.

In this follow up issue to Jeff Lemire and Travis Foreman’s more updated version of Animal Man, they introduce Buddy Baker as a family man that has dabbled in acting and is also an accomplished author. This issue follows up with the current mythos and delivers a small taste of what you could expect to see in a Buddy Baker film. Completely sidelined with the fact that I wasn’t seeing anything from the current storyline in regards to the Rot. I found myself wanting to see more of the character Chaz Grant and his superhero alias, the Red Thunder.

Lemire does an amazing job of pulling you into this story while keeping true to the current run. And the art provided by John Paul Leon does not disappoint. The art for Red Thunder actually gives that story a whole other feeling and pulls off the effect of someone watching a movie. Diving back into the mix with his art, Travel Foreman finishes the tale with his gritty and almost hauntingly morbid overtone of this book. This book is definitely my pick of the week.