Previews: Walking Dead #111, A Distant Soil #40, Aphrodite IX #2


Thanks to Image Comics for the previews!

The Walking Dead #111

Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlard, Cliff Rathburn

See Rick WAKE UP! See Michonne adopt her katana as her SLEEPING BUDDY! And other STUFF!

walkingdead111_cover walkingdead111_p1-web walkingdead111_p2-web walkingdead111_p3-web

walkingdead111_p4-web walkingdead111_p5-web walkingdead111_p6-web

A Distant Soil #40

Colleen Doran

Doran continues the final chapter!

adistantsoil40_cover adistantsoil40_p1-web adistantsoil40_p2-web adistantsoil40_p3-web

adistantsoil40_p4-web adistantsoil40_p5-web adistantsoil40_p6-web

Aphrodite IX #2

Matt Hawkins, Stjepan Sejic

Enjoyed the first peek of Aphrodite IX on Free Comic Book Day? Here’s a preview of the second issue which will be sold for 299 cents.

aphroix02_covera-web aphroix02_coverb aphroix02_p1-web aphroix02_p2-web

aphroix02_p3-web aphroix02_p4-web aphroix02_p5-web aphroix02_p6-web

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