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Contraband Comics Proudly Announces

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September 5, 2012, Tempe, AZBig Hitters #1, the first issue in a new sci-fi action/adventure series from creator-owned comic book publisher, Contraband Comics, is now available for purchase in iVerse Media’s Comics Plus app.

Created by writer Jon Goff (Spawn, Blindside, Halo Evolutions) and illustrator Travis Sengaus (The Adventures of Spawn), Big Hitters blends elements of noir, science fiction and action/adventure to tell the story of two government-sanctioned hitmen as they navigate the seedy underbelly of a post-war galaxy.

Big Hitters #1 is available now in the Comics Plus app, with both a FREE 11-page preview and a $0.99 26-page Standard Issue release. As an added bonus, the free preview of Big Hitters #1 includes the animated short “Gettim!,” directed and animated by series artist and co-creator, Travis Sengaus.

“With Big Hitters, Travis and I are looking to capture the epic fun and sense of adventure you get from Star Wars, but set against a backdrop that has more in common with the darker side of sci-fi films like Bladerunner,” Contraband Comics founder, Jon Goff, said. “At the end of the day the book is meant to be entertaining, but buried within the visuals and the somewhat off-beat nature of the story, you’ll find a lot of heartbreak and a deeper mythology than may be apparent at first glance.”

Joining Goff and Sengaus on the Big Hitters creative team are colorist Fco Plascencia (Batman, Spawn, Invincible) and the master craftsmen at Richard Starking’s Comicraft lettering and design studio.

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About Contraband Comics

Formed in 2012, Contraband Comics is a creator-owned, independent comic book publisher with a focus on providing quality titles across multiple genres. Founded by writer/artist, Jon Goff, and featuring a talented line-up of comic book creators, including Travis Sengaus, Marat Mychaels, Jim Hanna, Fco Plascencia, Comicraft and more, Contraband’s only goal is to entertain. Contrabrand Comics are available exclusively on iVerse Media’s ComicsPlus digital platform. Learn more about Contraband Comics on the Web:



About Jon Goff

Jon Goff has developed content for comic books, action figures and video games while working with many of the top companies across the entertainment industry, including The McFarlane Companies, 343 Industries, Microsoft Game Studios, Marvel Comics, MEGA Brands, Gentle Giant Studios, WETA Workshop, ABC Studios, Tor Books, DK Publishing, Prima Games and more. Jon’s credits include Tor Books’ Halo-themed anthology, Halo Evolutions, the monthly Spawn comic book title and The Adventures of SPAWN online comic. Follow Jon on Twitter: @Jonathan_Goff

About Travis Sengaus

Travis Sengaus is an illustrator and animator from Calgary, Alberta, who has provided artwork for various comic, video game and animation projects. His credits include The Adventures of SPAWN online comic book and production work for Table Taffy Studios. Follow Travis on Twitter: @TravisSengaus

About iVerse Media. LLC

iVerse Media (http://www.iversemedia.com) is a digital content distributor focused on the world of comics and popular culture. Founded in 2008, the company was one of the first to launch digital comics on Apple’s iOS platform. As of April 2012, over 12 million products in the iOS App Store have been downloaded that are powered by iVerse, making the “iVerse Engine” one of the most popular and widely used platforms for reading digital comics in the world. The company is principally located in Waco, TX.

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