110 Characters or Less: The Other Dead 1 & 2 Review


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Clarence reviews IDW’s The Other Dead, yet another way to fill our lust for zombies.

#TheOtherDead’s devil ducks, hell-hounds & low-brow performers vie for N.O.’s Nastiest. #ThanksObama?

There’s little going for The Other Dead issues 1 and 2 beyond the threat of a hurricane raging towards New Orleans and zombie animals. Artist Mui gives the fighting mad creatures the necessary intensity, but the characterization isn’t as finely drawn. The main characters are either low-brow and not very likeable or President Obama, only distinguished by his desire to fight the oncoming storm head-on, unlike a certain predecessor. Kanye West would approve. For this stylistically low-rent horror comic, this portrayal of our President could be almost any other President. Let the zoo run wild, I say.

Preview The Other Dead #2

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Based on co-creator Digger T. Mesch’s film treatment. Written by co-creator Joshua Ortega. Drawn by Qing Ping Mui and colored by Blond. Kevin Eastman of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fame is the creative consultant.

Author: Clarence

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