NEWS-ISH: Brass Sun #1 Beats Competition… With Better Paper


As Brass Sun gets a 1,000-copy second print run after selling out 4,000 books, 2000 AD brought up one of my favorite comic book talking points: its paper.

The 2000 AD Twitter Droid may have revealed the secret to Brass Sun’s appeal: better paper density. It’s a relief that at least one publisher cares about the quality of the paper their comics are printed on.

GSM stands for Grams per Square Meter and is a measurement of mass. Such a hefty epic adventure from artist INJ Culbard and writer Ian Edginton is worthy of heftier paper. After handling flimsy comics the past few years, I commend Rebellion for letting the public know that the power is indeed in the paper.

Read Roshawn’s review of Brass Sun #1. He liked it. I liked it, too.

Author: Clarence

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