My Little Pony: Micro-Series: Rainbow Dash Review



Written by Ryan K. Lindsay. Drawn by Tony Fleecs.

I had slightly more fun reading this than the issue starring Twilight Sparkle. Instead of the standard review format, I wrote this poem for IDW’s My Little Pony: Micro-Series #2, Featuring Rainbow Dash.

MLP_micro02-coverARainbow Dash, rainbow bright,
Cloud of sorrow tests your might.

Rainbow stars in her aerial show,
but nasties arrive and bad winds blow.

Once again, the full gang’s not here.
Apple Jack shows up to bring some cheer.

Thom Zahler’s vignette had hearts mend,
but Lindsay & Fleecs throw caution to the wind.

Our blue daredevil’s determined and energetic.
Tony Fleecs’ art is fun & kinetic.

Rainbow Dash proves to be a valiant fighter,
Script can get verbose. It could be a li’l lighter.

This My Little Pony tale is safe for your kid.
Pop culture references await the grown-ups. Enjoy most of them, I did.

Three covers abound of Rainbow, so get ready
for dazzling art from Fleecs, Mebberson, & Alberghetti.

That’s my opinion. Writing poetry perspires my brow.
It’s time to view the pretty pictures. Away you go, now!

Preview My Little Pony: Micro-Series #2

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