My Little Pony #9 IDW Review


“Zen and the Art of Gazebo Repair,” published by IDW.
Issue written by Katie Cook and drawn by Andy Price.

Here comes Big Mac. In this issue of IDW’s My Little Pony, Katie Cook and Andy Price serve up a screwball comedy-adventure as Big Mac looks for a nail. He must go through a very, busy Equestrian festival where hijinks ensue and he lends a helping hoof.

Andy Price’s artwork is appropriately full of zaniness. I’ve liked his somewhat surreal take on the Friendship is Magic visual style in the past and I still do in this issue. My Little Pony #9 prefers gags to characterization. The chuckle-worthy story is mostly Big Mac meeting and reacting to wacky encounters. While Big Mac engages in a series of contests with a haughty partner, Katie Cook may have scripted something inspired by the Harvey Kurtzman playbook (hint: “Superduperman” or the 1st page of the preview below). I did spot some other pop culture references, including one to a certain Netflix sitcom. Oh, I almost forgot about seeing some cameos from the Frendship is Magic regulars. My only disappointment is that [SPOILER ALERT] this story has a second part.

I appreciate this breezy comedy even if I didn’t become a fan of the hard-working red farm horse. To me, though, the big My Little Pony news is… EQUESTRIA GIRLS coming DVD & Blu-ray 6 August?!

Preview My Little Pony #9 with Covers

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my-little-pony-009-preview-01 my-little-pony-009-preview-02 my-little-pony-009-preview-03 my-little-pony-009-preview-04-web

my-little-pony-009-preview-05-web my-little-pony-009-preview-06-web my-little-pony-009-preview-07-web my-little-pony-009-preview-08-web

my-little-pony-idw-009-cover-a-web my-little-pony-idw-009-cover-b-web my-little-pony-idw-009-cover-re-comiccon1-web my-little-pony-idw-009-cover-re-comiccon2-web

my-little-pony-idw-009-cover-re-larrys-web my-little-pony-idw-009-cover-variant-jetpack-web my-little-pony-idw-009-cover-retailer-incentive-web my-little-pony-diw-009-cover-re-Newbury-web

my-little-pony-idw-009-cover-re-hot-topic-web my-little-pony-idw-009-cover-re-stockton-con-web my-little-pony-idw-009-cover-re-comics-world-web my-little-pony-idw-009-cover-re-jetpack-sketch-web


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