Millarworld's Starlight #1 Review


Mark Millar looks to the stars to expand Millarworld. Starlight #1 introduces us to the life of Duke McQueen, a man who dreams of his past glories as a space hero. As a savior of a distant planet, Duke’s triumph was celebrated with fireworks. However, his hopes of being admired and respected came crashing down when he returned to Earth and his beloved wife.

As an older man, Duke looks a bit like Mr. Incredible if middle-aged spread never hit him. Young Duke looks a bit like Nathan Fillion. While Duke’s too mature for wallowing angst, his face shows pain and a desire to connect to someone. After the loss of Mrs. McQueen, will Duke’s family will somehow ride on his intergalactic coattails? I understand Millar and Parlov’s expanding upon the space opera, but if the McQueen family’s character development gets stuck for future issues then Starlight might get boring fast.


starlight-001-sample-page-01-webGoran Parlov’s splendid illustrations whet the appetite to see less of Earth and more strange, far-out places. The first scene features Manhattan-esque spires colored in mostly cool blues and purples. A very tall lady awarding a medal to Duke. What are the rest of citizens of this alien planet like?

Anyway, parts of the story are being held back so I can’t make a full evaluation. However, Duke McQueen is potentially fascinating and future alien encounters and space visits could get exciting. It’s too early to tell whether Starlight will shine bright or will burn out quickly.

Starlight #1 is published by Image Comics. Issue written by Mark Millar, drawn by Goran Parlov, colored by Ive Svorcina, and lettered by Marko Šunjic. 23 story pages for 299 cents. Thanks to Image for supplying a review copy.

Author: Clarence

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