Mighty Titan #2 on Kickstarter [PRESS RELEASE]

Joe Martino's The Mighty Titan

Cancer fighting hero is back with a vengeance.

The Mighty Titan’s second Kickstarter funds in 30 hours.

Comicbook writer/artist Joe Martino is no stranger to Kickstarter. Last August, his Mini-Series The Mighty Titanwas funded through the popular crowd-funding site. This past May, Joe listed his second issue for the series on Kickstarter with an amazing response. Within 30 hours the book was above the goal amount.

Issue 2 has an amazing cover by DC Comics artist Jamal Igle (Supergirl, Molly Danger). Joe is offering some amazing stretch goals for participants of this second issue; including prints by Jimbo Salgado and Fred Hembeck as well as a free comic with a cover by comicbook artist Bryan Hitch.


The Mighty Titan creator, Joe Martino’s (Arcana’s Shadowflame, Ripperman), explains that his newest creation, “Essentially takes my cancer (and other experiences) and wraps them in a superhero shell. This isn’t autobiographical. I have researched and talked to other cancer survivors to try and get the feeling of what other people have experienced.”

Issue #1 was critically acclaimed by many online comic news sites.

This first issue is pretty close to perfect.” – Jess Kirby, expertcomics.com

“…I expect that this series will only get better as time goes on.” – Ashley Olien, floridageekscene.com

“…far from predictable.” Chip Reese, stashmycomics.com

Martino initially developed the idea for Titan in 2004 as he was fighting his first bout with kidney cancer. “It was a tough decision to take some of my personal experiences and put them to paper in order to entertain and possibly allow people a glimpse of what some of us go through while battling this potentially deadly disease,” Joe explains.

Needless to say, while the story certainly has serious aspects, Martino insists, “This is still a cool, fun superhero book full of vile villains, giant Mechas, and some really great mythological creatures.”

This is a top-notch comicbook story that taps ‘60s “Relevancy,” wraps it up in contemporary issues, and then coats it all in a classic Superhero mythos. This is a modern-day superhero tale that hits on all cylinders.

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For more information contact Joe Martino: joe@jgmcomics.com

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