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Set of the original Aircel Men In Black comics
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Wow, Men in Black 3 opens today! Curious people may pick up a comic or two about the Avengers, Batman, or Spider-Man when a new movie’s out. I have a curiosity about the comics about the paranormal team. Regardless of who has the rights to make comics, Lowell Cunningham’s original comics are obscure & pricey.

Origins of Men in Black: created by Cunningham for Aircel Comics, the books became part of Malibu Comics then a few years later, Malibu’s sold to Marvel. It’s unclear to me how MIB was sold to Columbia Pictures/Sony, but one article suggests that it’s Cunningham who sold his creation. If so then it’s great for him! That’s another comics creator crossover success.

Marvel Comics released their own movie tie-in comics around the time of the first movie back in 1997. Afterwards, nothing. A cartoon adaptation of the movie launched and Will Smith and an alien danced their way into the pop music charts. Meanwhile, the original and tie-in floppy sagas became invisible from the mainstream zeitgeist. How many people do you know know that MIB, like the obvious superheroes that populate cinemas and TVs, started as a comic?

The only YouTube video I found with Lowell Cunningham (starts at 1:05). Not MIB-related, though.

Since the MIB comics are a collectors’ item, getting them isn’t cheap. The prices I’ve seen on eBay and Amazon isn’t quite wallet-busting but, in my opinion, not must-have stuff. I won’t review MIB review because more popular franchises have priority for future RHM articles. Here’s what I’ve found. Prices are from the date of posting this. Prices for open auctions may change:

eBay, Amazon, and their ilk isn’t the end-all and be-all of searching for comics. There may be copies that are being sold dirt-cheap in yard sales. As long as Marvel or anyone else hasn’t re-released the comics, I’m not going on a big hunt and opening many price guides. Something like Comics Collector Pro can help with the curiouser among us.

Have you read a copy of the 1990s comics? What are your thoughts? Comment below:

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