Judge Dredd: Mega City Two: City of Courts #3 Review Plus Complete Cam Kennedy Volume 2 Preview


Previously, Dredd, on a mission from Mega-City One, tackles a local Stookie problem and he posed as a Cursed Earth survivor.

City of Courts #3, titled “Beach Blanket Justice,” continues the twisted travelogue. If you’ve enjoyed the past adventures of Dredd out on the West Coast, then you’ll like Dredd taking on a giant shrimp. Fish out of water plot, indeed. Dredd does some detective work, but a new mythical figure is discussed within the issue. Mega-City Two may be full of sunshine and lax Judges, but the vapid idiots trying to get their 15 minutes of fame makes me uneasy. Yes, LA is shallow. I get it.

Artist Ulises Farinas continues to unleash his imagination, especially in the locale for Dredd’s climactic battle. I’m digging this a bit more than the main IDW series. This issue is, as all issues so far, written by Douglas Wolk. Subscription variant cover by E.J. Su spoofs a famous poster, but I can’t think of which poster.

Preview City of Courts #3

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Bonus Preview: Judge Dredd: Complete Cam Kennedy Volume 2

The following preview excerpts “Cardboard City,” written by John Wagner and drawn by Kennedy. The artist renders Dredd in a cartonnier (for lack of a better word) style, but these shouldn’t be no less compelling reads for classic Dredd fans.

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