May 2014 TMNT Comics Previews


You may have seen these stories before, now peek at these upcoming Ninja Turtle-related releases from IDW.

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New Animated Adventures, Volume 2

Trade paperback based on the Nickelodeon series. Fishface! Shellraiser raising Shell! Dogpound! Monkey Brains versus Rat King!

Issues written by Kenny Byerly, Cullen Bunn, and Brian Smith. Artwork by Adam Archer, Dario Brizuela, and Chad Thomas.

Color Classics Volume 2 #7

Eastman and Laird’s “Return to New York: Book Three,” colorized.

Tales of the TMNT Volume 4

Preview below shows “Blind Faith” by Jim Lawsom and Peter Laird with Michael Dooney drawing the frontispiece.

Author: Clarence

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