Mars Attacks-Judge Dredd #1 Review


IDW, in their quest to maximize the Mars Attacks license, has the Martians visit Mega-City One. Writer Al Ewing and artist John McCrea are up to the task. The opening issue sets up a fine Dredd adventure, but how much will Mars Attacks spice things up?

Other than the movie and seeing some trading cards on the Internet, I’m not familiar with Mars Attacks. I know, also, that Mars Attacks goes for a retro 1950s schlock horror vibe. In Mars Attacks-Judge Dredd #1, scenes are framed by Mars Attacks cards. These cards relate to the story at hand. The Martians make their way to Mega-City One and usurp the local mobsters as the big threat to a lawful society. Ewing, also co-creator of the kitschy Zombo, does a decent job juggling the 1950s horror sensibility and the grit present in Dredd stories.

John McCrea does fine on art duties. To my subjective senses, some of the inked shadows give a weird, rippling texture. Mars Attacks-Judge Dredd #1 is a solid addition for the Dredd completist.

Preview Mars Attacks-Judge Dredd #1

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Mars Attacks-Judge Dredd #1 is written by Al Ewing, drawn by John McCrea, and colored by Jay Fotos. Cover by Greg Staples. Retailer incentive variant by McCrea and Fotos. Subscription variant cover by Loston Wallace (art) and Stephen Downer (colors).

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  1. Should be an interesting story. :)

    Recent Mars Attacks include

    Mars Attacks The Transformers

    Mars Attacks The Ghostbusters

    Mars Attacks Popeye

    Mars Attacks The Smurfs

    (okay, I made up the last one!)

    The rest are genuine.

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