Lee Milewski Interview


Roshawn Rochester interviews Lee Milewski, author of the successfully crowdfunded The Somber Crown.

Red Headed Mule: Can you tell us a little about the story?

Lee Milewski: The Somber Crown is an epic tale that follows a courageous elf named Fen, who was, until recently, in charge of hunting the King’s monsters. This is a story of vengeance, the costs of that vengeance, and a world inhabited by wild beasts. It’s a lot of fun!

RHM – Where did you get the inspiration for ‘The Somber Crown’?

L. Milewski – This story is heavily inspired by my love of old-school video games, though specifically The Legend of Zelda series. I had always wondered what I would do, and what type of story I would tell, if given the reigns to a fantasy world like that. This is now my chance.

RHM – Very nice! I mean, which one of us hasn’t wondered “what would it really be like?” It’s very cool to see someone follow through with their fantasies. Even though today’s market is dominated by superheroes, there is also a market for books with great stories and normal, everyday characters. What kind of readers are you hoping to attract with this book?

the-somber-crown-sample-panel-webL. Milewski – I am hoping to gather readers who enjoy action and adventure storytelling, though with a bit of world building and character development. I would say that The Somber Crown isn’t overly violent, so even younger readers could find something of interest here.

RHM – Obviously you have a Kickstarter going on right now to crowd-fund your book. Can you share a few incentives with us that are exclusive to this campaign?

L. Milewski – Of course! I am offering plenty of rewards, though a few of my favorites are:

  • $25 – A deluxe digital copy AND hard copy of The Somber Crown, in addition to a digital copy of my other book, a horror series called Tangled Weeds.
  • $40 – A pixelized print of The Somber Crown’s hero, Fen, in addition to all rewards below it.
  • $65 – An original page from this first issue, in addition to all rewards below it. This is a great deal for collectors, as my pages are never this cheap!

RHM – Can you share any information about the story you plan to tell with the animated sequence that you are also creating?

L. Milewski – The animated film will only happen if I reach a very high stretch goal, though I would love to achieve a “wandering hero” vibe with it. Essentially, Fen would traverse the wild (the fields of Florida where I live) and overcome obstacles and other trials.. I have a unique idea for an animated monster battle, which would be super cool to make.

RHM – Are you planning on attending any conventions this year? If so, how many and which ones?

L. Milewski – I don’t really attend many conventions, though a friend has recommended Orlando’s Megacon. I’ve heard it’s great for meeting like-minded people, so it’s probably worth the trip!

RHM – Do you have a site people can visit for those that would like to see more of your work?

L. Milewski – Of course, my Tumblr is updated often: http://leemilewskiart.tumblr.com/
And my Facebook is primarily used for artwork these days: https://www.facebook.com/lee.milewski

RHM – QUICK! Bunny or gerbil?!

L. Milewski – Bunny!

RHM – If you were a comic character, which universe would you be in and why? (DC, Marvel, Image, Top Cow, etc., etc.)

L. Milewski – This is tough… I would always have to choose Batman.

Visit The Somber Crown’s Kickstarter page!

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