Lee Milewski on Somber Crown #2


Coming off the success of The Somber Crown #1, Lee Milewski is offering the second issue on Kickstarter. Check out our first interview with him about the launch of the Somber Crown series.

Red Headed Mule: With the success of the first book out of the way, what drives you to keep getting this series out to readers?

Lee Milewski: I would say because of the success of the first, that’s given me the courage and commitment to pursue the second. With all of the work-for-hire books that comic artists can become involved with, it’s a nice change of pace to pursue your OWN books and projects. It also helps that I am able to draw whatever I wish within the pages.

RHM: What is different about your book this time around?

LM: This issue is much more personal for our hero, Fen. He is so close to reaching his “goal”, which the first issue had set up. The basic elements of my favorite high-fantasy stories are there of course, such as waves of baddies to slice-n-dice, a corrupted King on the brink of destruction, and much, much more.

RHM: What influenced you to create this series? (I.E. books, movies, life events)

LM: There are too many to name, though a SOLID start would be The Legend of Zelda. In fact, a good majority of The Somber Crown is inspired by classic video-games, especially the “journey” of the book and it’s eccentric cast of characters. The Lord of The Rings and the Hobbit are also big inspirations.

RHM: With so many other books trying to use the Kickstarter platform right now, what would you say sets yours apart from the rest?

LM: I feel that the artwork speaks for itself, as I’ve grown a lot as an artist doing the first Somber Crown. The Kickstarter campaign itself is full of great reward incentives, including a CHEAP option for digital-only readers. In addition, there are a lot of newer rewards which I’ve never pursued before, such as T-shirts and canvas artwork.

RHM: What has influenced your art style?

LM: My style used to be a heavily inspired Mike Mignola-rip, though nowadays it’s more influenced by brush-masters. Paul Pope, Nathan Fox, and too many of my peers/friends provide great motivation every day.

RHM: If you had to describe your series to someone who has never bought a comic book, how would you describe it?

LM: The Somber Crown is the epitome of all of my favorite child-hood things, perfectly wrapped within a comic book format. The hero’s journey against unrelenting evil, the excitement of punishing sword battles, and everything taking place within a land that is equally foreign as it is familiar. Of course, that is the intense version, but it’s also A LOT OF FUN!!

Visit “The Art of Lee Milewski” and also Milewski’s Twitter page.

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