Judge Dredd: Year One #2 Review



Issue published by IDW.
Issue written by Matt Smith, drawn by Simon Coleby, colored by Leonard O’Grady.

Comfort be thy name…or, rather, uncomfortable. Part two of “Turn On, Tune In, Bug Out” shows Judge Dredd feeling uncomfortable with his psi-assignment. While this is a side I had never seen of him before, I do see that the “Year One” story is relying heavily on shaping the man that will one day be feared through Mega-City One. I liked this issue a lot and, in terms of year one’s, it has already gone a long way.

More and more kids are becoming psi-active and are being activated violently. With the recent botched bank job, Judge Dredd has been assigned to stay on this case. Though he doesn’t feel comfortable with the ruling, he follows his orders to a “T”. Of course, there is another psi-spike and the adventure ensues. With the reveal of TEK-15, an entity within the Hall Of Justice, the adventure soon becomes out of this world.

I think this is where most of the good Judge Dredd stories come from. I can see where it’s going now and I am reminded of the countless Dredd stories I read as a kid that later became EPIC to me. Overall, I really liked this issue. It was something different and is very surprising with a Dredd story.

Finding exactly why Dredd acts the way he is NOW is already turning out to be a great adventure. It is promising to be a grander adventure to come and I will definitely be back for the next installment.

MORE: Interview with writer Matt Smith.

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