Judge Dredd Megazine #334 Review


Megazine #334 available 20 March in the UK and 2000 AD online shop worldwide.

I’ll make this quick.

“Judge Dredd: Tough Love”

Written by John Wagner. Drawn by Ben Willsher.

judge-dredd-megazine-334-tough-love-preview-panelRojer Golightly fancies Dredd. Dredd resists Rojer’s attraction, of course. Rojer’s love for the famed lawman put to the test. This isn’t fan fiction. It can’t be fan fiction; the co-creator of Judge Dredd himself scripted this.

This reminded me of “Judge Dredd: Closet” in 2000 AD Prog 1817. “Closet” is a serious look into the struggles of a young gay male. “Tough Love” uses campy mischief, gory violence with dinosaurs, and reinforcing auth. Rojer’s ultimate fate would be thought fair by the Judges, but the rest of us would consider ridiculous.

And I chuckled a few times reading it, especially the climatic “love” scene between Rojer and Dredd.

“Hondo-City Justice: The 47 Ronin, Part Three”

Written by Robbie Morrison. Penciled by Mike Collins. Inked by Cliff Robinson. Coloured by Len O’Grady.

The question posed in the conclusion of “Hondo-City Justice: Revenge of the 47 Ronin” isn’t “How will the Inaba & company overcome the Ronin,” but “Why did the Ronin make things so personal for Inaba?” Further details would spoil, but they help develop Inaba as the lead character.

The back-and-forth between the Ronin and the Judges, each side’s weaponry from their respective eras clashing with the other, is splendorous. I like how the colours pop, especially when the special forces are about to put boots in the ground. The fiery reds contrast with the deathly grays at the bottom. The reds and purples clashing against the grays resemble a struggle between life and death.

There’s so much action and focus on Inaba, the old Hondo vs. new Hondo isn’t deeply explored. There’s also an allusion to Mega-City One’s troubles. I enjoyed Hondo-City Justice and don’t want to wait too long for the next strip.

“American Reaper III, Part Three”

This episode is number-one excitement with a bullet. I imagine that Pat Mills told artists Clint Langley and Fay Dalton, “I’m not just a philosophical guy! It’s not enough that Matherson broods! Let’s give the people some tense thrills getting Matherson on the move and in constant danger!” The artists then responded, “Yeah, baby!”


“Insurrection III, Part One”

Written by Dan Abnett. Drawn by Colin Macneil.

This is my first reading of the Insurrection story. From reading some commentaries about the the previous chapters, it appears that I’m missing an multi-layered war story. The impression that I get from reading this month’s installment is that the anti-Rebel forces aren’t complete monsters. Macneil ably illustrates the sleek space colony settings. Contrast that with the grimy, crumbling Mega-City One Dredd inhabits.

For newcomers, reading the backstory or even reading about it helps to understand Insurrection on a deeper level. I recommend these reviews from Forbidden Planet and Dredd Reckoning.

What stuck around in my memory is seeing the uplifts, the talking, hard-working simians. Do they have recreational activities? Do they even whistle while they work?

Anyway, I trust Abnett and Macneil to deliver high quality despite my not fully connecting with the story yet.


  • Profiles of Warren Pleece and Steve Niles
  • “Short Story: Going Wheely, Part One” by T.C. Eglington

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