Jaegir: Strigoi Hunts For U.S. Readers [REVIEW]


It’s curious that Rebellion publishes Jaegir: Strigoi for the U.S. market as it’s based on a pre-existing universe that American comic book readers aren’t familiar with. Jaegir spins off of Rogue Trooper, but Trooper failed to make an impression in the States. The story is about a soldier, the Nordland’s Atalia Jaegir, transitioning from warrior to monster hunter.

Prepare for dense exposition of the ongoing Norther-Souther war from writer Gordon Rennie. Regular 2000 AD readers will chew on the happenings in the “Nu Earth” universe without Rogue Trooper. She has the perfunctory pondering about war and what she’s living for, but I suspect American readers will want her to hack and smash her enemies.

Artist Simon Coleby uses a muted color palette except to depict vivid fire. The Nordlanders have a look reminiscent of Nazis/Soviets/fascists, but it means Jaegir isn’t readily sympathetic. Also, the Southers aren’t present in the story except being discussed as the enemy.

Jaegir is a decent mix of sci-fi, horror, and war story. However, American readers may be baffled by the backstory. I’ll spare you any Attack on Titan jokes.

Thanks to Rebellion/2000 AD for providing a review copy.

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