Interview with Danny Quick of King Supreme

Roshawn talks with Danny Quick, creator of King Supreme: The Supreme Servant #1.

Roshawn of Red Headed Mule – First off, can you tell us what inspired you to create King Supreme?

Danny Quick – It was a combination of things. I’d been reading about people like Jesus, MLK, Ghandi, Mother Teresa, and the Supreman mythos. It wasn’t just these people’s influence and powers that made them great, it was their willingness to be servants to the people. With our most popular hero, Aceblade, he wanted to help people in Vegas City and it would take a miracle to get him to step foot outside of it to help.

I wanted to create a hero that could be many places almost simultaneously, but he still had limits and weaknesses that connected him to humanity and everyday struggles.

Roshawn – With all of the titles currently being published in the 4th Wall Universe, what makes King Supreme the comic that stands out?

Danny Quick – If you’ve followed me on The Twitter of Facebook, you’ll know that I really dislike Superman, but it’s not because he’s crazy strong. King Supreme is actually stronger than Superman is. King Supreme sticks out to me, it’s because King Supreme’s powers are theoretically limitless.

The crown allows him to do pretty much anything that the wearer imagines. We saw in the King Supreme short story that Roy was able to hear people’s thoughts at first but because he found it to be too intrusive, he chose to deactivate that power, and that came back to bite him in the butt when Kallah deceived him. Each host or crown wearer is going to have a different set of powers based on their imagination, and we’ll see in the comic that it has a lot to do with how much they believe in the power that they have also.

Roshawn – With the 4th Wall Universe obviously expanding, where do you see King Supreme in terms of hierarchy? DC has Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman; Marvel has Captain America, Spider-Man, and Iron Man.

Danny Quick – That’s a good one… King Supreme is the “Strongest” being in the #4thWallUniverse right now, but he’s not the most important. Everything that happens in the #4thWallUniverse will go through Aceblade and Vegas City. Even after he dies the second time, Aceblade leaves such an impact that all our other heroes keep him in mind when making decisions.

Aceblade, King Supreme, Lumberjax, and Black Scorpion will definitely be our “Big 4” and the SIC Squad stories will keep everything connected. Outside of them, we have other stories that will be crucial in moments, but the plan is for those 5 titles to be our consistent titles.

Roshawn – With King Supreme being pretty successful as a short story, will there be any more offerings of short stories for other characters as well?

Danny Quick – Of course. Since we’re still “independent” we have to follow a strict budget for our comics and any other projects that we pay for. Short stories are our favorite option to publish stories because we are always creating content. The LumberJax Saga is going to release its 2nd and 3rd parts this year, as well as SIC Squad Beta, Gamma and Delta will be short stories.

The Black Scorpion novel is finished and waiting on cover art. We have a lot of other stories in the works too, Sean Gabriel is writing a Guardians series that is going to connect in the future that will really open up the #4thWallUniverse when we get there.
Roshawn – Can you tell us what people can expect to see in the future from the 4th Wall Universe?

Danny Quick – This year we’re focused on creating as much content as possible, writing stories and having enough ideas to lean on. In 2016, we will really be trying to network and to find the best people to bring these stories to more consistency in comics and animation.

Really, we are just a group of people who believe that God has given us an opportunity to use our gifts and talents to bring this spiritual and diverse fictional universe to life. We are going to keep sowing into people’s lives, we’re going to keep growing to reach more people, and producing amazing products.

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