GI Joe Nagging Notes: Comics, Rap Video, Posters


Let’s read some Nagging Notes, news bits clustered around a theme topic. This time, these Notes focus on the venerable franchise, GI Joe.

IDW GI Joe Comics Sneak Peeks

On 15 January, IDW will have three GI Joe releases:

  • A Real American Hero #198, written by Larry Hama and drawn by S.L. Gallant.
  • Special Missions #11, written by Chuck Dixon, drawn by Paul Gulacy, and colored by Aburtov
  • Special Missions, Volume 2 Trade Paperback

Below you’ll find previews and covers for all three GI Joe books. Many thanks to IDW for providing these. Click each image for larger size. Please don’t hotlink.

GI Joe: A Real American Hero #198 Preview Pages

GI Joe: Special Missions #11 Preview Pages

Special Missions Vol. 2 TPB Preview Pages

3D Joes Posters For Sale, which archives GI Joe figures in splendid viewable-from-360-degrees-form, is now selling posters based on the “A Real American Hero” line. Each poster is 24″ x 36″ and showcases 241 figures. Also up for sale are posters featuring all 49 carded action figure from the mid-80s.

On their Facebook page, 3DJoes shared this photo of the two ARAH posters:


These GI Joe posters can be purchased from

Rapper Wordburglar Pays Tribute to GI Joe

While the bar is very low, I’m glad to hear a Canadian rapper better than Drake. Wordburglar homages GI Joe in his latest music video, “Rap Viper.” Lyrics are packed with references and even Cobra Commander gets to deejay. Watch the video below:

Tom Scioli Talks Transformers/GI Joe Crossover

Drawing by Tom Scioli. May not be included in final issue.

Newsarama interviews Kirby-esque artist Tom Scioli — who I’m glad to see back on the drawing board — for the upcoming FCBD spectacular, Transformers/GI Joe Special. Both Scioli and interviewer Zack Smith “geek out” chatting about their personal histories with the cartoons and comics. Here’s an excerpt:

Zack Smith, Newsarama:[…] fans are still going to see the movies, watching the cartoons, buying the toys – why are they so powerful?

Tom Scioli: I think the designs are really strong, that whatever the initial impetus for creating these things was, people still invested the full weight of their imaginations and creativity on them, and so they transcended whatever initial decision-making brought them into being.


Read the full Newsarama interview, which includes several pieces of not-final artwork (an example is the entanglement to the right).

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