Farlaine the Goblin: Book 1: The Tinklands Review


Issue written and drawn by Studio Farlaine.

Farlaine the Goblin Book 1 is a pleasant read. It presents an affable wanderer who summons all sorts of trees to get out of trouble. Fantasy lovers with kids who need something literary may benefit the most. This comic is appropriate for many kids because it never gets too scary or dark. By the way, Farlaine’s name is pronounced FAR-lin, not anything like the Ford Fairlane.

farlainethegoblin-issue1-cover-SMALLFarlaine himself is the only major character with an Ehrenwort, a bubbling tree, his only traveling companion. Book 1 has Farlaine bartering and exploring as he in search for a new forest home. The goblin has the features of a cutesy creature: big eyes, floppy ears, round belly. That visual design assures young readers that he’s easygoing, honorable, and capable, necessary traits of a hero.

Book 1’s story has a variation on the nature versus technology theme. However, Book 1 is an all-ages adventure that doesn’t dig deeply into such themes. I still enjoyed it, nontheless.

The lighthearted Book 1 serves as the beginning of a trek. The plot’s not as groundbreaking as the trees Farlaine summons, but it’s acceptable for fantasy younglings. Visit Studio Farlaine’s website and Studio Farlaine’s Facebook page.

Author: Clarence

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