Elephantmen Issue 46 Review


Elephantmen #46…WOW! Bringing it back to biological warfare as only Mr. Starkings can with the FCN Virus (pick up Elephantmen Vol. 2: Fatal Diseases) making a comeback in the form of Harry Hazard! A new villain cooked up by utilizing earlier issues backstories (once again, check out Elephantmen Vol. 2). This was one of the trippiest stories I’ve read of Elephantmen yet, and I absolutely loved it.

elephantmen-046-coverWith art by Shaky Kane and story by Richard Starkings, you are in for a treat with this fantastic read! I admit that I walk into every issue with an open mind, but I had no idea where this trip was gonna take me. Very reminiscent of a Grateful Dead (with more spectacular color) I found myself drawn to every square inch of the page. I don’t think I have ever studied a page within a comic for so long before. But the colors and art just got to me! A story like this comes along once in a great while. Even though it is a stop on the way to the bigger story, I can honestly say that this is one of my favorite issues ever. The combination of the art and story, along with the timing, makes this book one of the reasons I actually buy comics.

And not only do you get to read Elephantmen, but you are treated with the next edition of Charley Loves Robots as well! The story is written by J.G. Roshell, art by Gabriel Bautista and title page by Duncan Rouleau. I can’t wait until it’s finally collected but, if you can’t get enough of C<3R, head on over to their official Facebook page. www.facebook.com/charleylovesrobots