Elephantmen #50 Review


Elephantmen #50 – “Blue Collar Blues”
Writing: Richard Starkings. Visuals: Axel Medellin, Gabriel Bautista. Cover: Frank Quitely.

LANDMARK 50TH ISSUE! YAY! It’s been a long time coming and it doesn’t disappoint. Upon opening the pages of this issue, I gasped! And when finishing the issue, I sighed. It’s always upsetting to get to the end of an issue.

The story told was simply beautiful. Told from the point of view of an immigrant, of sorts, it was the Elephantmens’ story. How they made a life in America for themselves after the war and the dismemberment of the MAPPO Corporation. The struggle of the Elephantmen is very well documented in this issue via a series of paintings provided by one of Hips’ friends. By the end of the issue, you are left with a warmer feeling in your heart and an appreciation for the history brought forth in this comic.

Like usual, I loved it. I appreciate the detail brought forth by the art team as well as the talented Mr. Richard Starkings as well. Of course, the writing was amazing. The way I felt after reading this issue was different in that I felt more emotional than usual. The struggle of a people is always hard to define, but Mr. Starkings has written the issues very well.

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It was great to see Gabriel Bautista doing watercolors as I have enjoyed his colors on DC Comics’ All Star Western (I bet you thought I didn’t read it, huh?) and his work on in general (I have really been loving the Charley <3’s Robots series as well as ‘Albert the Alien’). I am hoping that they release the paintings as a set of lithographs for those of us that enjoy his work.

Gracing us with the sequential art is the extremely talented Axel Meddelin. The guy never misses a beat and is one of the most consistent artists in the business. It really is a blessing to have him on such an epic book as ‘Elephantmen’. It’s always a pleasure to read a book with such an outstanding creative team. This is why it is always a pleasure to read each issue of ‘Elephantmen’.

elephantmen50_coverAnd the cover gallery was an added bonus! You get to see works previously done by J. Scott Campbell, Brian Bolland, Chris Weston, Boo Cook, Marian Churchland, Ian Churchill, Ed McGuinness and Camilla d’Errico! All collected in this issue!

Elephantmen #50 Full Credits

Written By: Richard Starkings
Art By: Axel Medellin
Watercolors By: Gabriel Bautista
Cover: Frank Quitely
Flip Cover Art: Ladrönn

If you are one of those people like me that love the added bonuses to each issue, pick this up. You get 58 pages of goodness! AND you get an added bonus with the additional story from issue number 1! You have to love it when a book rewards you like that! You get to see where the current continuity starts and you get the added bonus of Moritat’s art. Take a second to appreciate the beginning of this book and how the overall feeling of the first issue has helped develop the series as a whole. You won’t be disappointed!

“Charley <3’s Robots”
Written By: J.G. Roshell
Art By: Bariel Bautista

This installment was another great addition to the serial that is ‘Charley <3’s Robots’. As always, Mr. Roshell has continued to develop a well written story and Mr. Bautista has continued to excel with the art direction. The characters always seem to develop more within each page. The day cannot come soon enough when they compile this series into a volume (or even an exclusive at a convention). I look forward to it gentlemen!