Elephantmen #49 Review


“Sleeping Partners, Conclusion! Celestial Bodies”

Written By: Richard Starkings
Art By: Axel Medellin
Cover: Boo Cook

AMAZING! I absolutely LOVED this issue! The conclusion to ‘Sleeping Partners’ ended on a high note. But I want to go back to the beginning of this issue. The references…GOD I LOVED THE REFERENCES! I won’t give too much away with that, but I want to touch on one in particular. The Greek God/Goddess references were BRILLIANT. It is this type of brilliant writing that has continued to make this book a must read every month.

elephantmen-049-cover-boo-cook-webThe history of what happened on Mars has now come to light and will, no doubt, haunt the Elephantmen for years to come. Mr. Starkings has once again completed a storyline while giving fans more and more to look forward to. His attention to detail and expert dialogue can be read on every page and it is no wonder why this book is on my pull list each month.

The art is, in a word, spectacular. Axel Medellin’s attention to detail and mastery of the anatomy really helps to make you believe that the Elephantmen, and there surroundings, are realistic. I have yet to see a panel where I question what is going on based on the way it has been drawn.

And then we have Mr. Cook. WOW! Not only is the cover AMAZING but the back pages of this issue give you insight to Boo Cook’s process. If I can tell you one thing about this edition of Cover Stories it is that you will not find a more suitable choice for the subject. Boo Cook has done some really great work on Elephantmen and I can not wait to see some more.

Charley Loves Robots

Written By: J.G. Roshell
Art By: Gabriel Bautista
Title Page: Duncan Rouleau

What? You thought I was done? NO! ‘Elephantmen’ brings you even MORE than just THEIR story. They also bring you Charley Loves Robots! I KEEP saying this because I feel I HAVE to. I really wish that this was collected. I am absolutely loving the story and can not wait read it all collected.

J.G. Roshell continues to bring more history to this serial and leaves you wanting more in each issue. The art that Gabriel Bautista brings to the table is TOP-NOTCH! His takes on the characters, as well as the many robots making appearances for one-shots, have a really great feel going and really makes the overall tone of the book appealing to everyone. Can’t wait to order this when it comes out! Thank goodness I still have the Charley Loves Robots Facebook page to go to.

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