Elephantmen #48 Review


Story – Richard Starkings
Art – Axel Medellin
Publisher – Image Comics

Mr. Starkings has created one of the best stories to date in the newest issue of Elephantmen.

elephantmen-048_coverContinuing the “Sleeping Partners” storyline, we are still following the exploits of Ebony, Trench and Hip Flask on the moon. The reveal of the Black Dragons on the moon base was very surprising and really pushed the Elephantmen’s hands. Violence ensues and emotions come to a boil. Gabbatha has now come to the front and is taking his stance on the status of the Horns’ relationship. Wars have been fought over religious beliefs and religion is put into play in a big way. The oncoming storm will be no different if Sereghetti and his partners have their way.

Another surprising turn in this book is that we become privy to HOW Obadiah Horn rose to power. The fact that the company Promethean has just terminated his baby (Elephantmen Issue 47) will be sure to set Obadiah off once he gets wind of the atrocity.

All in all, this is one of the most revealing and emotionally driven issues I have read to date. The fact is that this story is just becoming richer with each and every issue and, the more I read on, the more emotionally invested I get into this book. I can only compare it to my love for Doctor Who at this point. I admit, I teared up at one point and am sure others will as well.

I am also very happy to say that, even after 48 issues, the art has never ceased to amaze me. The level of detail is always amazing and has really pushed the envelope when it comes to consistency. This level of detail is unheard of when it comes to putting a monthly book out and keeping with deadlines WHILE never straying from the source. The sequences provided by Axel Medellin leave me wanting more each issue. Here’s to hoping for an Elephantmen sketchbook soon!

Charley Loves Robots

Story – J.G. Roshell
Art – Gabriel Bautista
Title Page – Duncan Rouleau

And, as a special bonus as of late, we are treated with the next chapter of Charley Loves Robots! Charley is on the run from his Grandpa’s house and has taken to the road with a young man named Patterson. Patterson seems to have all the newest robots and, like most thirteen year olds, Charley is already envious of him.

In this addition of the title, you get a better look into what grandpa is all about! If you get a chance, go back to Elephantmen issue 26 and catch C<3R from the beginning! It’s a MUST read and is on top of my list when it comes out collected. Like always, J.G. Roshell brings a great story to the on-going series and has continually developed Charley as a character to look out for. And we cannot forget the talented Gabriel Bautista who continues to astound in every series he is a part of. If you get the chance, check out http://albertthealien.com/ for more of Gabriel’s art!

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