Elephantmen #44 Review

What becomes of the broken hearted?

“Seeing Partners, Part Three: The Three Kinds of Treasure” published by Image Comics.
Written by Richard Starkings. Art by Axel Medellin. Trench Dreams sequence by Dave Sim.
Cover art by Boo Cook (regular) & Chris Giarusso (variant).

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Elephantmen #44Trench Dreams by Dave SimSee also: Elephantmen issue #42 and issue #43!

Once again, Elephantmen left nothing to be desired. This was another amazing issue in what is truly one of the greatest continuing stories to date.

The way Richard Starkings draws on past issues and makes it relevant to the present issues is one of the many reasons why I love this series so much. There is an established timeline he draws from that makes the Elephantmen history important. THAT is something that I desire in other books.

elephantmen-044-variant-cover-giarusso-webOnce again we are graced with a dream sequence by the talented Dave Sim. The sequences he draws are so different that, as I am sure was intended, you can tell the dreams feel real to the dreamers at the time in which they take place. As always, Axel Medellin brings the Elephantmen world to life with vibrant colors and amazing art. This is one book I have come to enjoy over the years and I hope to for many more.

[Editor’s note – Gotta love that raw toonage from Giarusso’s variant cover. It’s a jovial counterpoint to seeing Hip Flask have a dour episode. Also in this issue is a 3-page back-up story of Charley Loves Robots by J.G. Roshell and Gabriel Bautista with Duncan Rouleau drawing the title page. Folks, if you don’t pay attention to how Image draws some of the most imaginative artists in its 20th year, you ain’t followin’ comics! -CR]

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