Preview Doctor Who: Prisoners of Time #12 & Classics Volume 9


It’s Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary and IDW are releasing two major comics to satisfy your Whovian needs.

Prisoners of Time #12 is the mutli-Doctor, multi-companion finale to the almost year-long saga. Issue written by Scott & David Tipton, drawn by Kelly Yates, and colored by Charlie Kirchoff. Also featuring a variant cover by Dave Sim.

Doctor Who Classics Volume 9 has seven stories from the pages of Doctor Who Magazine. The preview excerpts “Time and Tide,” written by Richard Starkings and John Carnell, and drawn by Dougie Braithwaite and Dave Elliot.

Click on each page for full size. Please don’t hotlink.

Thanks to IDW for providing these previews! Thanks to the BBC for 50 years of timey-wimey madness!


Author: Clarence

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