Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe #4 Review


Written by Cullen Bunn. Drawn by Dalibor Talijic.

Some spoilers ahead.

The existence of the Marvel Universe is being threatened by the mercenary Deadpool. Is Skull Cloak Guy…, er Taskmaster a bad enough dude to stop Deadpool?

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[They’ve stumbled here from a Google Image search on chicks. The candy kind.]

Let’s get through this conclusion to this Marvel spectacular. In the first main page, the creative team uses one more trick up their sleeves to dispose of the many Marvels: Deadpool uses Puppet Master to force a mass suicide. Nope, the climactic battle does NOT involve Wolverine like I said in the last issue.

[Yeah, just like everything else you get wrong on this site.]

Hmm. Cullen Bunn has a solid handle of this version of Deadpool, where DP is a pithy, revenge-minded action-movie character. There were some shortcuts taken in this series, but Bunn and Talajic execute the plot while winking at the readers. They did the best they could in this format.

Just don’t expect much from the Punisher. After discovering Puppet Master and Deapool, he gets handled easily. We don’t get Deadpool surfing the cosmos singing the Beach Boys. Instead, the red-clad motormouth duels with Taskmaster in the swamp. But like a mediocre pro wrestling match, there had to be a “run-in.”

Okay, it’s more like an entrance from a key player in Deadpool’s search for the meaning of existence. Don’t try to think too hard as this is a comic, not a philosophy textbook.


Sadly, this series is not in a Giant-Size format.

Taskmaster’s muscle memory is only good for while until our special guest sears Taskmaster’s cranium. Man, what a THING to behold!


Now the special guest opens himself up to Deadpool allowing us to see a two-page spread showing us the Best of Deadpool, images of Deadpool taking the place of several illustrious Marvel personalities.

[Aren’t these spoilers?]

Uh, yeah. But Dalibor’s art must be seen if any of these readers want to fully appreciate Kills. Or the kills. Whatever.

Anyway, Deadpool will soon have a word with Cullen, Dalibor, and anyone at Marvel who had a hand in making this. Too bad, Dalibor, the biggest fights you drew were so fluid. Does Hero Insurance cover fourth walls?

Afterward,s Deadpool would like to meet us. Um, I’m being polite.

[Yeah, too polite.]

So the Deadpool cosplayer at your next convention may not be a cosplayer? Okay, then.

Rating: three hooves out of four.

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