Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe #3 Review


Wolverine tangoes with Deadpool

Written by Cullen Bunn. Drawn by Dalibor Talajic. Colored by Lee Loughridge.

Stark (not Tony, he’s dead), yet amusing use of “show, don’t tell.” Three hooves out of four.

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Sad fate for the X-Men & Xavier
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DISCLAIMER: I haven’t read any current 616 X-Men books.

Deadpool takes care of the X-Men by having Arcade boobytrap Xavier’s mansion. No, the skulled, cloaked hunter’s idenitity isn’t mentioned. Deadpool’s relationship with that pesky fourth wall is addressed. It’s what Xavier couldn’t comprehend when going inside DP’s mind. Professor X turns into a vegetable.

There were creative ways of getting rid of the X-Men. Kitty Pryde lives in a perpetual hall of mirrors. X-23 and Daken are chained and gets roasted every time they regenerate. Cyclops’ eye blast is used against him to finish him and his group.

Cylcops & company are doomed.
Cue Admiral Ackbar.

Acid defeats Magneto. Colussus, Rogue, and Gambit (?) are electrocuted. Wow, Deadpool in the mansion is the shot in the arm this series needed after Part 2.

DeadpoolWolverine? He’s beheaded via Carbonadium blade but DP boasts about dealing with Logan’s popularity. This could slow down, not kill, Wolverine. I’m guessing that Deadpool having a climactic showdown with Wolvie in Part 4 would give readers their money’s worth.

At Dr. Strange’s (DP took stabs at Strange and his assistant) home at 177A Bleecker Street, Cloaked Skull Guy Taskmaster discovers Deadpool read a book that allows DP to mess with all realities. A bloody No Sign straddles the diagram spread.

Talajic’s visualizations of the various deaths are the highlight, especially seeing the remains of Venom, Multiple Man, Green Goblin, and Power Pack in the first page of the story. This mini-series format won’t allow for many full fights, but no-one in this issue is off-character unlike Spidey in Part 2.

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