Crowdfunding Catch: Speculative Relationships Comic Anthology


As someone who appreciates comic book history, I am fascinated by the romance genre. It has long died out and there’s no serious revival. Too many superhero fanboys, I presume.

Tyrell Cannon began a campaign for the anthology Speculative Relationships, a blend of romance with geek-appealing sci-fi. The interior art will be in black and white with artists such as Daniel Warren Johnson, Rinko Endo, Isabella Rotman, and much more. This Kickstarter campaign has reached its $9,000 goal, but as I type this, there’s still a few days left to pledge.

Pledges: $5 gets a digital copy, $15 gets the physical copy. Higher pledges offer rewards such as a making-of “zine” in PDF format, artwork prints and sketches. I’m looking to pledge to this very soon.

Visit the Speculative Relationships Kickstarter page!

Author: Clarence

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