Crowdfunding Catch: American Nature Presents…


Greg and Fake passed me this link to their Kickstarter campaign. It’s so incredibly indie. They’re offering a comic, T-shirts, and a vinyl record. How ’bout that?

The campaign video by a wild-haired personality called “Tarzan Trogrief.” American Nature spun-off the pages of the Image-published Hoax Hunters. $10 pledges get the American Nature Presents anothology comic. $24 pledges get the full mixed media set. Yes, there are bigger and better rewards offered.

According to Ryan Browne, American Nature Presents is “the weirdest comic ever [put on Kickstarter].” Is it? IS IT? I don’t know; any Hoax Hunters readers want to give me a summary?

Visit the American Nature Presents… Kickstarter page.

Author: Clarence

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