Catwoman #12 Review


Written by Judd Wenick. Drawn by Adriana Melo on pencils and Julio Ferreira on inks.

Wenick’s dialogue sparks despite unsatisfying Batman cameo. Two hooves out of four.

Catwoman fights Dollhouse

catwoman-2011-012-coverBatman appears, but his big moment is an obvious deus ex machina. Excluding a peek at his hand and the Batmobile, Batman is in four panels this issue and doesn’t really interact with Catwoman. He gets to chit-chat with Detective Alvarez after the hero-chases-villain episode climax.

However, the highlight of this issue is Catwoman’s internal grappling. Like the last two issues, she still isn’t totally comfortable being a hero after saving the squalored Gothamites from Dollhouse. Given the toy-based nature of Dollhouse’s villainy her lineage shouldn’t be surprising.

catwoman-2011-012-dollhouse-villainMelo’s action-packed visuals are fine even though there’s some awkward Catwoman posing in some panels. I know this is supposed to be the “sexy” Bat-related comic, but artists shouldn’t try too hard to please. On a lifestyle note, is it really hygenic to bathe in a leather catsuit?

Issue #12’s ending focuses on the fates of Catwoman allies Spark and Gwen which leads to the next arc. After knowing who Catwoman’s next opposition is, I considered waddling my way to October’s Catwoman #13 but buying another issue would give me headaches fishing for compliments.

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