Black Dynamite #1 Brings the Boom [REVIEW]


Written by Brian Ash, Black Dynamite must face the biggest threat the black community has ever faced before: HIMSELF!

This IDW comic book is BRILLIANT. If you loved the ‘Black Dynamite’ movie like I did, you should really take a look into this new comic! You get the feel and look of the 1970’s right when you pop open this book! I was immediately transported back to the old ‘Power Man and Iron Fist’ days with the first page and was happily surprised by the level of detail this cast put into giving off the nostalgic feel.

Ron Wimberly, Sal Buscema and JM Ringuet are all on point with the appearance and feel of a 1970’s comic. Chris Mowry is equally on point in that he continually keeps pace with the book and gives a unique voice to the characters. Together, they help recreate the world of the film unlike any other attempt I have seen to date. The fact that this character has successfully jumped into comics is not surprising at all to me. Black Dynamite was made to be serialized, in some form or another.

Thank goodness for Jillian Apfelbaum! For without her, this series could have truly been heading in the wrong direction quick. She is obviously a fan and understands what the fans are looking for in a Black Dynamite comic. This creative team is sure to bring about a much needed refreshing feel to the world of comics. I look forward to these monthly installments from IDW!

Published by IDW. Written by Brian Ash. Art by Ron Wimberly. Inks by Sal Buscema. Colors by JM Ringuet. Story Consultant: Jillian Apfelbaum. Letters by Chris Mowry.

Preview Black Dynamite #1

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Thanks to IDW for providing copies for review.