Before Watchmen: Minutemen #4 Review


Mothman of the Minutemen

Published by DC Comics.

Written and drawn by Darwyn Cooke.

And now, some questions, talking points, & assorted whatever:

Why did Sally get so gushy over Silhouette’s death? I can take something like Sally barely holding back her real respect for Ursula, but her weepy apology at Ursula’s grave feels like it was ripped from a Lifetime movie.

Comedian Eddie Blake at war
It’s a big of a tease to feature Mothman on the cover, but the spotlight is on our beloved angel, Silhouette, and the Comedian, who reveals his descent into nihilism. Eddie Blake is almost always an arrogant prick, but in Minutemen #4 is where Comedian’s origins as an government agent is also the origins of his distinct Nietzschkian character trait.

Can Dollar Bill get a scene, also?

About the last pages: I think Darwyn’s implying that Hooded Justice has guilt over committing Nazi atrocities with the possibility that he sent innocent children to their deaths.

Comedian learns the (un)importance of life during war
So, Silhouette is the actual main character of this corner of Before Watchmen. Nite Owl Hollis Mason is just a pleasant, inoffensive sounding board for the wacky characters.

The most ambitious part of this issue is Eddie Blake’s mirrored experience with an Asian lady. The gruesome sight of the scorched lady and her son is the visual highlight (eek), but it doesn’t carry the dramatic impact as the last two issues.

Anyone else learn anything?

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