Batman and Robin #0 Review



“Someday Never Comes”
Written by Peter J. Tomasi. Pencilled by Patrick Gleason. Inked by Mick Gray. Colored by John Kalisz.

For me, this issue is a helpful introduction to the attitude of Damian Al Ghul. He is pushed to the peak of physical and mental conditioning by his mother and manipulator, Talia Al Ghul. Damian must win a fight with his mother in order to know his father’s identity.

I like how the artists made Damian wide-eyed at the beginning. After being the serious-looking ultimate fighting warrior, he becomes wide-eyed again seeing his father for the first time on a monitor. Other monitors showing nothing but red are suggestive of blood drops.

Lots of visual brutality on display including no shortage of swordplay. Damian slices and dices with ease as well as developing a keen intellect. This zero issue is filled with style and has a story of villainous honor that’s hard for almost any Bat-writer to screw up.


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Author: Clarence

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