Batman 1966-67 Comic Strips Gave Bat-Mania Daily POW!

Batman 1966-67 Comic Strips Cover

Batman 1966-67 Comic Strips Cover

Honestly, that headline may be weird. I find the Batman of 1966 alluring. The TV show is a clear example of camp, the guest stars are pretty high-caliber, and it’s a welcome break from the dark, brooding Dark Knight.

IDW and The Library of American Comics bring us this collection of Batman and Robin adventures. While DC’s Batman ’66 is fine, these strips give the authentic 1966 experience. Before the main event, there’s an essay detailing the origin of the strips with Julius Schwartz at the helm.

A significant creative force for much of these is not creator Bob Kane, but inker Joe Giella, who does a fine job capturing the Dynamic Duo and their opponents. According to Wikipedia (I know, I know), Whitney Ellsworth did the writing. The illustrious talents Shelly Moldoff and Carmine Infantino also did drawing duties at various points.

The familiar rogue’s gallery is here: Joker, Penguin, Catwoman, Poison Ivy. Batman and Robin also encounter a few oddballs like Nasty Napoleon and two non-villainous English doppelgangers.

I didn’t have time to check a whole year of Bat-adventures, but those who are ecstatic that the 60s TV show finally got an official release will be pleased with this comic companion. What Bat-concoction will the powers that be come up with to separate the public from their money? How much 60s Batman nostalgia will the people take? Tune in to… including seeing the preview below.

Preview Batman: 1966-1967 Dailies and Sundays Complete

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Thanks to IDW for providing a review copy.

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