Amazing Spider-Man #689 Review

The Lizard

The Lizard

Written by Dan Slott. Drawn by Giuseppe Camuncoli (pencils) & Klaus Janson (inks).

“No Turning Back, Part 2” is interesting.

After Morbius and Spider-Man turn the Lizard back to human form in #688 (see review)…

Dr. Connors
Lizard feigning human emotion

Dr. Curt Connors is consumed by his villainous Lizard persona. He wants a “cure” back to his wild reptile side.

Spider-Man is trying to control the situation. He wants to remain rational.

Michael Morbius is trying to be on his best behavior. He wants a snack. With an assist from the Lizard, he indulges on human neck.

Max is doing his best to balance the needs of science and the realities of having Morbius on the Horizon Labs premises.

Later, Spidey chases Morbius then punches the Living Vampire. However, “No Turning Back” is not a straightforward Lizard vs. Spidey, man-against-creature story arc because…

…Madame Web will play a role. Her presence seems tacked on at the moment.

Maybe I’ll give ASM one more chance to see where this is going. Camuncoli’s fine composing fight scenes but some panels have Connors’ nub arm awkwardly connected to his shoulder. I found Janson’s outlining of the characters too thick. Also, Spider-Man confronts a vampire hunter named Uatu Jackson?

Author: Clarence

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