2000 AD Prog 1810 Preview

Ro-Jaws of ABC Warriors

Prog 1810 available 21 November in fine UK stores & download at 2000 AD online shop!

Currently, Judges Dredd, Dirty Frank, and Jack Point are all up in stomm preventing extermination of the Wally Judges. Si Spurrier, Rob Williams, and Al Ewing discuss the latest Mega-City One saga with Comic Book Resources.

In This Preview

  • A page from “Judge Dredd: The Cold Deck, Part ” by Al Ewing, Henry Flint, & Chris Blythe.
  • A page from “ABC Warriors: Return to Earth, Part ” by Pat Mills & Clint Langley.
  • A page from “Brass Sun: The Wheel of Worlds, Part 11” by Ian Edginton & INJ Culbard.

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Upcoming Comics:

Batman Judge Dredd Collection coverThe Batman Judge Dredd Collection available 27 November

Judgement on Gotham
Vendetta in Gotham
The Ultimate Riddle
Die Laughing

Rebellion’s Blurb:

Judge Dredd co-creator John Wagner leads a pack of top names, including Alan Grant
(Batman, Lobo), Simon Bisley (Hellblazer), Glenn Fabry (Preacher, Hellblazer), Val Semeiks
(The Demon, Lobo), and Cam Kennedy (Batman, The Light and Darkness War) – all contained
in a cover from Hellboy creator Mike Mignola.

Published by 2000 AD in the UK and Ireland, and by DC in North America, this ultimate new
edition also includes the hard-to-find meeting between Dredd and psychotic biker Lobo, and
deserves a place in the collection of any self-respecting Dredd or Batman fan.

The Ten-Seconders coverThe Ten-Seconders by Rob Williams, Dom Reardon, Mark Harrison, Ben Oliver, and Shaun Thomas

Rebellion’s Blurb:

In the near future, mankind has all but been destroyed by a race of super-powered beings
who initially offered to help, but actually intended only to rule.

Those who hide in the ruins of the world and fight back against the tyranny of these
‘gods’ are nicknamed the ‘Ten-Seconders’ – so called because that is the average
life expectancy given to those brave enough to battle the overwhelmingly-
powerful opposition.

Ten-Seconders available now!

judge-dredd-idw-2000-ad-promoIDW’s Judge Dredd #1

My review coming either 20 or 21 November!

Finally, I get to check out the U.S. version of Dredd. After several months of British Thrills, will I welcome the new interpretation of Dredd?

Duane Swierczynski and Nelson Daniel are the creative team. I think Dredd isn’t Dredd without his supporting cast, but I’ll give it a chance. Also, will Dredd #1 beat the other Doctor Who #1 for most variant covers? Hmm.

Image comes from 2000 AD Facebook page. They’ve been delivering the Daily Dredd lately.

Thanks to Tharg, Michael Molcher, Rebellion, Carlos Ezquerra who enjoyed a happy birthday last Monday, IDW, all RHM readers, Michael Molcher, and peanut butter.

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