2000 AD Prog 1799 Review

Judges ARE the law, you know.

All conclusions! Whew! Overall rating: three hooves out of four.

“Judge Dredd: Innocent, Part 2”

Written by Rob Williams. Drawn by Laurence Campbell. Coloured by Chris Blythe.

Dredd finds the person who murdered Tek-Judge Wilson. It’s not a surprise who did it (I discussed the suspects last Prog) and it’s no surprise that Dredd inhaling Innocence has no effect on him whatsoever. This concludes a story that doesn’t reach it potential about human behavior.

RHM brings you a page from “Innocent” in our 1799 preview.

“Lenny Zero: Zero’s 7, Part 8”

Lenny ZeroWritten by Andy Diggle. Drawn by Ben Willsher.

Lenny and the gang take care of the remaining loose threads in their heist: dealing with Loggerhead and taking care of Mink’s eye-cam and Satellat. The heist is a success but not without one last snag.

Willsher captures the chaos (the tank crash at Loggerhead’s place) and the calm (the final scene) by with the help of curves, jagged edges, and plentiful shades of the color gray.

The ending’s funny and allows for more Lenny adventures.

“Aquila: Blood of the Iceni, Part 8”

Written by Gordon Rennie. Drawn by Leigh Gallagher.

2000-ad-1799-aquila-sampleThe conclusion of “Iceni” is a closing a chapter in Aquila’s long journey. It’s 61 A.D. and Queen Boudicca has her last stand against the Roman army and reveals her final vision to Aquila before he slays her. Where will Aquila go next? Seek the Roman emperor? Traveling to unknown lands?

For those who aren’t familiar with the art, there’s hyper-violence, but Gallagher is capable of using contrasting with the bloody and fiery reds when it’s needed.

Meeting the Devourer seems to be the endgame for the whole series. I’m interested, however, in Aquila’s next adventure whenever that it’s published.

“Tharg’s 3hrillers: 15, Part 3”

Written by Tom Taylor. Drawn by Jon Davis-Hunt.


Captain Krull reaches the slave compound and confronts the slave-masters. I expected a little more drama. There’s a sweet, maybe twee, reunion, but the conclusion of “15” could be done without the timer gimmick. As a result, “15” executes a straightforward action plot with some cool-looking mechs.

“Ichabod Azrael: Manhunt, Part 10”

Written by Rob Williams. Drawn by Antonio Fuso.

Charon returns to his rightful place as Ferryman. Ichabod’s in the underworld, too, and he wants answers!

Fuso’s black-and-white art is very good. However, “Manhunt’s” finale highlights how angry Ichabod can get. No other characters we’ve come to know from Earth are present. When Ichabod confronts Charon, the Ferryman gives a big speech about the reality of Zoe then taunts Ichabod.


If you’ve seen media where the speech-giving antagonist belittles the angry weapon-welding protagonist then you should know what’s next. “Manhunt” ends with Ichabod starting his own “Roaring Rampage of Revenge,” but it’s unintentionally funny.

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