2000 AD Prog 1794 Review

Mega-City One's Heavy Mob

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No previews for this Prog, but keep your eyes peeled for a few pages contained below.


“Judge Dredd: Debris, Part 4”

Written by Michael Carroll. Drawn by PJ Holden. Coloured by Chris Blythe.

Renkin reveals just how powerful her big gun, the Mass-Driver, is. As the Mass-Driver uses anything for ammo, Dredd and the Marines are threatened. Dredd proceeds to make his through Sue Perkins block to finish this bitter conflict.

The action-packed panels of Debris continue. Tense Marines, Dredd being daring, and a block leader put on the offensive are on display here. I enjoy Debris so far for the straight action provided and it seems Holden isn’t going to let up. With the entire block facing a good old zapping, will Renkin consider the price of rebellion?

As we’re supposed to root for our man Joe, the answer is likely “No.”

“The Red Seas: Beautiful Freak, Part 3”

An actual panel from “The Red Seas”

Written by Ian Edginton. Drawn by Steve Yeowell.

A rocky creature steals a scene and a gearbox Windsor and Newton are supposed to watch. The creature drops a Cone of Silence as a distraction. But at least the British Museum should clean and spotless!

The episode of “Freak” is a fast read for me. Thanks to the very British-ness of “Seas,” I now wonder if the phrase “show us a clean pair of heels” will be used on the BBC Olympic telecasts.

“Aquila: Blood of the Iceni, Part 3”

Written by Gordon Rennie. Drawn by Leigh Gallagher. Coloured by Gary Caldwell.

Aquila’s having none of it this Prog. Not with some annoying big-nosed comedy relief running his mouth. Not with some Roman bullies being idiots as Aquila’s attack at Londinium draws near. Nope.

Leigh Gallagher, with bone-shattering art, makes the most of the opportunity that Aquila may need help, but doesn’t suffer fools gladly.

“Ichabod Azrael: Manhunt, Part 6”

Written by Rob Williams. Drawn by Dom Reardon. Coloured by Peter Doherty.

Ichabod, now in 1944 but realizing his purpose is his love of Zoe, is inside a cockpit that’s about to crash. However, with the world ending, a crashing plane may be the least of his worries.

Williams uses the airplane setting to give a sense of turmoil coming upon the characters. At this point, I’m hoping a resolution comes soon. Now I’m waiting for a time vortex to suck these people out of existence.

“Lenny Zero: Zero’s 7, Part 3”

Written by Andy Diggle. Drawn by Ben Willsher.

Lenny infiltrates the Special Judicial Squad Central building and manages to get Judge Buell’s mind re-wired to command Judge Kramer to head the convoy with the confiscated loot. Meanwhile, Lenny enlists Afro Dizzy, a mistress at making Love Potion Sixty-Nine which makes people lose their inhibitions.

A BBW alert is the highlight of the issue. I know the lady is being used as a gag, but a SSBBW in mainstream comics is still worth a mention. As the story now includes Judge-baiter Kramer and the psychic Mink, “Zero’s 7” is getting a lot sexier.

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