110-Character Or Less Challenge: The Wicked + The Divine #1 Review

The Wicked + The Devine #1 alternate cover by Bryan Lee O'Malley

The Wicked + The Devine #1 alternate cover by Bryan Lee O'Malley

Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie’s The Wicked + the Divine #1 is more about what it isn’t than what it is. The issue features some interesting personalities — gods finding enjoying in mortal bodies for a limited time. However, the meta-mythology being built is a haze of vagueness.

To be fair, some dialogue suggests that writer Kieron Gillen makes some acute self-analysis of the whys and hows of his world-building. I had to break out the Google/Wikipedia/Bing whatchamacallit to find out the meaning of several character names; yes, they’re sourced from several world religions. When one god with a notorious reputation is in trouble, I had to wonder who’s the most evil god in their hierarchy.

Artist McKevlie doesn’t disappoint while being ambitious. He plays around with some motifs, gives the god-celebrities stylish presence. He even provides a pop-art like “special effect” for certain displays of violence.

I wasn’t excited, but a little intrigued by how The Wicked + The Devine will go in its god-play. If you’re interested in getting a digital copy, Image Comics offers this comic DRM-free and downloadable for 299 cents, less than the 350-cent cover price.


Thanks to Image Comics for supplying a review copy.

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